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An artist who directs those to the joy in the ordinary

Paige Ballagh is a singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada. She studied songwriting with Berklee college of music, and her solo album ‘Shoes Untied’ is available on all streaming platforms. Paige grew up fiddling, step dancing and singing in her family band, and now plays with her siblings in their band The Crew. She tours with The Step Crew, and performs with Drayton Entertainment. She is director of Studio 410, a not-for-profit youth musical theater company, and has written, choreographed and directed musicals for her company, Stratford and beyond. Paige has recently launched BrightSide Creative, a virtual songwriting school, as well as her debut poetry book, Waking up


Artist Statement

I am a story-teller. I recount little moments and the big meaning behind them. I am a singer, a songwriter, a poet, a director, a teacher and a choreographer. I aspire, through all my work, to encourage authenticity and empathy. I believe in joy in the little things, in celebrating the ordinary and in connecting with others by first connecting with our truest inner self. I believe that noticing is a powerful tool, and that there's something to sing about around us at any given moment. My hope is to show that we're all a little better off when we feel fully, share openly, and grow in our appreciation for each other. One thing I know for sure is that we all have a reckless dreamer inside of us. Over time, we may learn to quiet the voice urging us to be better, to be bigger, to be our best. But it never goes away. Not until it's tended to and nurtured. I view my purpose as a nurturer. As someone who sees everyones desire and encourages bold steps in that direction. I intend to nudge people inward, trusting that everything they need is right inside of them. 

When I am creating, I always pass my work past the question, "is it sincere?". I trust that the more honest I am in my story-telling, the more it will resonate with others. Although our paths are all different, we are all sharing in the human experience that poses the same root emotions regardless of our individual circumstance. I often look to nature for inspiration. The natural world is a great reminder that things come and go. Observing nature teaches me everything I need to know about being an artist. Not only is my work inspired by the actual topic itself, but my style evolves like the seasons. It's ever changing. Sometimes I write from the perspective of foggy confusion or a dark and cloudy day, but always with the certainty of blue skies behind it. The circumstances change, but it's all addressed from the perspective of my naturally sunny disposition; the steady blue sky, the canvas weather changes roll across. I aspire to create hopeful, thoughtful and enlightening work that washes over you with a certain familiar realization that we've all got worlds of light inside of us when we choose to see it. I aspire to help take the weight off. When people engage with my work, I'd like them to feel understood, validated, and encouraged, with a fresh perspective on what it means to be fully alive.

I grew up surrounded by music, and feel it is woven into the fabric of my being. My childhood memories are dotted with warm recollections of falling asleep to the sound of live music lazily wafting up the stairs to my bedroom like a lullaby. I was first on stage at three, and every moment on stage since serves as a reminder of who I truly am. It brings me back home. I've always been a singer. When I sit at a piano and talk to a crowd, I treat the space between myself and the audience as sacred, and relish in the understanding that we are sharing that once in a lifetime moment together. I continue to write and release my original music as a way of fanning my own flame and permitting those around me to do the same. I am currently compiling a poetry book, which serves as a way to stamp emotions and lessons in time, and document my moments of life-changing pivots as a reminder to myself and others of our inherent resilient and vivacious nature.

In everything I do, I want to be a breath of feel-good fresh air. I want to be someone who makes others feel heard, understood, full of life, and empowered. I want to celebrate the whimsy and magic in everyday life, act as a reminder of the magic inside, and love ourselves and others with a great ferocity. I want to be the lighthouse that shines bright enough to bring others home.

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