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Paige is an absolute joy to work with! I never see time go by on our sessions because they are such a fun time. She has an always “yes and” genuine approach and is always open even to the silliest ideas, guiding me through any difficulties in a positive, supportive, helpful (yet never pressuring) manner. I approached Paige about songwriting, because I knew she was prolific at it and I LOVED her musical style. I don’t play an instrument so I didn’t know if I could ever be a songwriter but whether I could or not, I wanted to learn how she did her magic. Within one session of supported exploration, she made me believe I could write music. She shared her tricks, methods and knowledge so openly but also guided me to find my own process. And it didn’t stop there because then, when I sent her the melody and words of a very first song I had written only hours after our first session, she put her own talent in pair with mine and she spent our next coaching, composing music to go with it, always checking in with me whether she was respecting my vision while also making great generous suggestions. 2 months later, we have 4 songs and I am headed to On Track Recording studio! Paige not only unblocked me but guided me every step of the way to find my own creative process and unleash my songwriting skills.

-Mel, 27



Ava Gingrich


Songwriting + Recording Client Spotlights:

Matt Ballagh

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Mel Paiement

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